Quickly search evictions, suits and liens on individuals and businesses.

Returns information about public record filings on individuals and businesses within all 50 states, District of Columbia and Guam.

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What does it do?

The Evictions, Suits, Liens & Judgments Search offers users the ability to query by Individual or Business Name, Address and SSN/TaxID using flexible search options to uncover associated eviction, lawsuit, lien and judgment records as well as filing details, including:

  • Defendant Name
  • Defendant Address
  • Defendant SSN
  • Plaintiff Name
  • Filing State
  • Filing Type
  • Court
  • Court Location
  • Case Number
  • Filing Date
  • Liability Amount

Evictions, Suits, Liens & Judgments Search works best when more information is submitted into the search query. By including first name, last name, last known full address and social security number into a search the product is better able to find related identifiers and return more accurate and complete results.

What is it used for?

MicroBilt’s Evictions, Suits, Liens & Judgments Search is used by landlords, leasing agents, employers, and businesses to uncover civil court filings during tenant screening, employment screening, merchant verification, business credentialing and credit decisioning.

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