Know the status of pledge collateral. Fast.

The UCC Filing report reveals any other individuals or entities that have filed a claim against collateral pledged on a loan.

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What does it do?

MicroBilt has made available information from the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) database. The data is delivered in two forms, a simple search and more comprehensive but easy-to-read report. Information returned includes:

  • Debtor name and address
  • Filing State and date files
  • Original date and number
  • Document number
  • Legal type
  • Secured Parties*
  • Debtor Parties*
  • Secured Party’s name
  • Secured Party’s Address
  • Filings
  • Collateral
*Search returns only a count. Individual items are only available in the full UCC filing’s report.

What is it used for?

UCC filings data is useful for verifying the state of collateral assets for loan originations. In addition because debtors often have liens through commercial institutions UCC filings can be helpful for skip tracing purposes as well.

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